Sim City Building Tips before You Start Playing Sims 5

The Sims 5 Tips

With Sims 5 on its way to be released soon, you will certainly want to polish up on your playing skills. You will want to learn some important strategies that are expected to make life significantly easier for you once you are back on track with playing the game again. So, if it has been a long time since you have played the game, relearning these strategies would be worth your time.

When it comes to health, you will want to build residential areas that are upwind of polluters. Steer clear trash dumps and industrial zones. Do not build these residences in refineries and oil or coal power plants too. Make sure to stay away from refineries and mines, as well as smelting plants and other similar settings.

You will want to ensure future water supply too. This is why it is crucial to build pumps as well as plants for sewer treatment when you can afford it. Make sure that they are adjacent too. The default water pump should also be replaced with the filtration pump. This is important to get the ground pollution removed from your water source.



Even when you will already be playing Sims 5, you have to still see to it that you are keeping your sims happy, healthy, and living a life away from crime. This is why you have to make sure that your sims go to school. You will want to strive towards unlocking universities and colleges so you can demolish the grade schools as well as the high schools since it is possible for you to get by even with just community colleges. If you are aiming for higher tech, then you can go with Universities.

Once you have the means to afford it, it is important to build a large fire station too. You will want to build one that is equipped only with fire helicopters. You will not need all the fire truck garages once you have successfully done this.

When it comes to the tourism of your city, it is important that you will not build a municipal airport if you are building a tourism or casino city. You will want to use cruise ship terminals or airships instead. You will want to maximize the space you have and see to it that you will not run out of funds as well. When you build, build slowly. You will want to refer to the guide for Road Spacing to make it possible for you to get the areas that you can build on to be successfully maximized. You will want to plan ahead of time what your layout is going to be as well.

You will want to use the mods as much as you can too. They are very helpful when it comes to improving the overall gameplay in such a dramatic fashion. This is why they are must haves whether you are doing an offline or an online play. Viewing some of the video resources on the web is not a bad idea either. There are a lot of tutorials that will certainly help you learn more about the game that will allow you to play it better.


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