Sims 5 Features Wishlist That We Want To See

Sims 5 Features that should be in the new game.

The Sims is a game enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s by far the most interesting and popular simulation video game in recent times. Sims 5 is expected to be the next launch in the series and although Sims 4 was released in 2014 (which isn’t that far back), fans are already anticipating Sims 5 and talking about the features that the game should have. So, here is our Sims 5 Features WishList:


The game should offer a great deal more of customization when it comes to the hairstyles, hair color, and hair length of the character. Styles such as up, down, wavy, braid, ponytail, bun, straight and much more should be offered.

Facial textures

The facial expressions should be customizable with the genetic attributes such as changes in dimples, nose, and eye bags. The features such as the nose bridge, cheeks, nostrils, lips, ears and forehead should be very easy to change. Wrinkles on the character’s head and eyebrows should also be modifiable in an innovative way.

Eye color

The eye color should be customizable to make the character more beautiful.

Sims 5 Features Wishlist Image

Sims 5 Features Wishlist Image

Skin tone

The character’s skin tone should be changeable to many different shades and tones so that all the characters are easily identifiable. The game designers should add features to the game that allows Sims 5 players to customize the skin color in various ways.

Body modifications

While the existing 3D option is spectacular, especially when it comes to maintaining the character’s body, Sims 5 should improve on this feature. The size of the muscles should be modifiable because many fans believe that getting to change the size and shape of features such as muscles, freckles, belly button, birthmarks and other features should be a fun activity.

Extra makeup

Options such as changing the lip color to various shades of the same color and tattoos should be a part of Sims 5. The face mask option should be added in Sims 5 to help players create beautiful faces. In fact, such a feature in 3D would be even better.


In our Sims 5 features wishlist, the game should also have the feature to buy model houses with many rooms so that more people can stay in a house at once. Using the 3D formats, the players should be able to reconstruct the house. The Sims 5 could work on improving the environment around the house as well with features such as pools, garden, decorated fences and much more with its 3D graphics.

Players in Sims 5 should also have the option to enlarge their parking facilities so that multiple vehicles can be parked at once. Other aspects of the house such as stairs and basement could also be customizable. Split level houses could also be fully customizable.

The players should also have the ability to fully personalize the bedrooms by adding beds, washrooms, shelves, hidden passageways, closets and much more in Sims 5.

There’s no end to the wish list of features, but these are just some of the most expected features that fans want to see in Sims 5, Sims 6 or Sims 7.


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