Sims 5 Not Happening? What is the future of the game?

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the future of Sims 5, which is to be the next installment of the popular simulation video game series. The latest news is that EA has decided to shut down Maxis Studio, which has been the developer of Sims for a long time now.

EA Shuts Down the Studio Behind Sims

EA shutting down Maxis Studio seems to be a financial decision, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be another Sims installment. Sims 4 was launched in 2014 and has received much praise from the avid fans of the game, but the news of Maxis Studio being shut down has left all the fans wondering whether Sims 4 will be the last Sims game they ever play.

A renowned designer and scripter of the game SimCity have confirmed the news of Maxis Studio being shut down and talked about how all the studio employees will be out of jobs. The game producer has confirmed that right now the idea of Sims 5 has been shelved and there is no work being done to develop it. While it was believed that development of Sims 5 is heavily dependent on the success of Sims 4, that doesn’t seem to be the case as of now.

EA’s main focus seems to be on further developing the Sims 4 through expansion packages, and the fans seem content with the game as of now. So there’s no rush to develop Sims 5 just yet, but the fans have been worried by the news of the studio’s closure. Even if there’s going to be a Sims 5, the chances are slim that fans will get anything before 2019. Till then, Sims enthusiasts can enjoy Sims 4 via expansion packages that EA has been developing on a regular basis.



Sims 5 – It May Still Happen

There’s still hope for Sims fan because EA’s official statement on the whole situation has been to assure the fans that the Sims franchise will continue. How EA will proceed with the future development of Sims 5 remains to be seen, but the chances are that Maxis Studio may not be shut down permanently and will instead move to a new location.

EA has indicated that the idea is to accommodate Maxis Studio in its Redwood Shores studios as well as some location in Melbourne. The news seems to be that EA has decided to just shut down the Emeryville location of Maxis Studio.

EA has further announced to reassure fans that Maxis is working on the support and development of the Sims by focusing on expansion packages for the game across all gaming platforms.

It seems that Sims 5 is a possibility for EA in the future, but it can’t be predicted how quickly this may happen. Right now, the focus seems to be on further developing Sims 4.

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