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Simcity 5 Release Info

Fans of the Sims series have been addicted to the game since the very beginning. The launch of the game was positively received and ever since, Maxis Studio has enjoyed success in developing the Sims games. Maxis Studio is a part of EA Studios, and the latest release in the series was the Sims 4 which was launched in 2014. What about Sims 5 Release date?

The success of this reality simulation game series is down to the fact that the game lets it players carve out personalities, deal with real life situations, and form relationships. In many ways, this game allows the character to play god but in a much more fun way. The players get to experience an implicit world by creating homes, performing regular tasks and handling character interactions.

Although it hasn’t been long since the release of Sims 4, fans are already talking about the Sims 5 Release date.

Sims 5 Release Date Info Image

Sims 5 Release Date Info Image

Sims 5 Release Date

Although EA announced that the future of Sims 5 depends on the response that Sims 4 will get, it seems fairly reasonable to expect that EA will make Sims 5 even if Sims 4 is deemed a failure. Even if we consider the best case scenario, Sims 5 will be launched sometime in 2019.

The Sims is too profitable a franchise for EA to abandon. While Sims 4 has received a mixed response, EA is addressing this response in a great way. Fans have talked about what they love and what they hate in Sims 4, and EA has decided to develop the game further and address the concerns of players by working on an expansion pack.

Although the initial response of the studio was that Sims 5 won’t happen if Sims 4 bombs, it now seems to be a lot more confident about the possibility of Sims 5. Although there is no official announcement regarding the development of Sims 5, rumors are that the game will be made, although a little later than previously expected.

This could mean that EA and Maxis Studio are targeting a tentative release date of late 2019 or early 2020.

Sims 5 Development

While some negative reviews regarding Sims 4 have affected the sales of the game, the situation isn’t as bad as it seems. Sims is a reality simulation game, so the possibilities and directions that the game can take are practically endless. In such a game, it’s nearly impossible for the players not to encounter bugs, but the good thing is that EA is working on improving the game.

Even though Sims 5 isn’t in development yet since EA and Maxis Studio are still focusing on improving and further developing Sims 4, the production may start sometime next year. Since Maxis Studio is working with the fans to improve Sims 4, it is also laying the groundwork for Sims 5 to make it more exciting than the last one. Maxis Studio is reportedly working on some amazing features and options that are expected to be a part of Sims 5.

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