Sims 5 vs Sims 4 – The Success of Sims

The Sims is a popular simulation video game with some incredible themes and interesting features that players all over the world enjoy. The game series has already had four editions, and a fifth one is in the works. The Sims is developed by EA Maxis Studio and published under the banner of EA.

While most video games are all about achieving a goal, Sims is unique because it generally lacks defined goals. The game focuses on the simulated lives of virtual characters known as the Sims.

The Sims 5 Game Release Image

The Sims 5 Game Release Image

The Success of Sims

The Sims franchise has sold over 175 million copies altogether in different parts of the world. The first ever game was titled “The Sims” and was launched way back in February 2000. It received an astounding response from gaming enthusiasts all over the world. The interactions between the in-game characters made The Sims a fun and multi-tasking game. Players get to explore various game styles by purchasing landscape, furniture, and other goods. After four games in the series, the fans are now looking forward to a new adventure in Sims 5.

The Wait for Sims 5

Sims 4 was launched back in September 2014 and offers many great features. With Sims 4, players get to import the house and all its goods from one area to another. The game was a success and that is why so many fans are looking towards the development and launch of Sims 5 and Sims 6 with even more advanced features.

The Sims 5 is expected to have astounding new elements and is most likely to be launched in 2019. It’s speculated to have bright graphics and high-quality characters and simulations.

Sims 5 vs Sims 4

Maxis Studio hopes to retain the core gameplay features of Sims even as the series continues to develop. Since a lot of complaints were received regarding bugs in Sims 3, Sims 4 was released five years after Sims 3 and improved the game performance considerably. Following the pattern, Sims 5 is expected to be released before 2019 ends.

One development that most fans are looking for in Sims 5 is that the game will be much faster and more reliable and players won’t have to spend hours adjusting doors and windows. The Sims 4 improved the build mode to overcome frustrating situations and there are many flexible options available, but the fans hope that Sims 5 will improve even further.

Sims 5 is expected to improve the Build Mode in such a way that players can spend more time having fun instead of controlling the clunky details. Sims 5 is also expected to have a gallery that allows players to browse through more content.

Like most of the other EA games, Sims 4 has been oiled and returned to give a better performance. While Sims 4 is not a bad game by any means (in fact, it’s the best in the series so far), Sims 5 is expected to be even better. Fans are hoping that Sims 5 will exceed their expectations.


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