Some Updates on the Release of the Sims 5

The Sims is a pretty popular game. Many people are easily hooked with how interactive and engaging it is. So, everybody is excited to see when the news is going to be released about the coming out of the Sims 5. Everybody is looking forward to it, yet there seems to be no clear green light on the specific dates, yet.

The game developers for Sims 5 have offered a time-frame concerning the release of the much anticipated game. This is an installment that everybody has been waiting for especially considering the fact that Sims 4 was a bit of a disappointment. If the dates are going to be finalized, then fans are certainly going to have something that they can rave about.

Sims 5 Game Tips Image

Sims 5 Game Tips Image

However, it was recently revealed by Grant Rodiek that Sims 5 is not really likely to arrive very soon. This is because the game is likely not to be expected to be released in the market until the year 2019. To the excited and eagerly waiting fans, that is certainly a rather long wait. While Rodiek did not specifically quite the year when the game is going to be released, what he did say was that the game is likely going to be done in three years time. The release date is likely going to be the same timeframe as well. Judging by this line, there is a very good chance that fans will truly have to wait until 2019 before they see the new installment.

In addition, if one were to analyze the release of the previous other game installments of the Sims, it usually takes five years for the company to come up with a new launch for a new game. While this will certainly cause fans to be a bit disappointed, it is important to note that such length of time is quite necessary due to the fact that the game is not created in a rush, but rather delicately.

It should be noted that the lasts Sims, being Sims 4, was released last year in September. The game was launched while being aimed for different platforms for Mac and for windows PC. Now, many of the fans of the game are really hoping that when Sims 5 finally sees fruition and gets the green light for a release, it is going to be as awesome as everybody expects it to be. The ultimate question for the new game though is whether I this going to be available in consoles too.

It has been reported that the new generation consoles such as Xbox Two and Play Station are going to come out around 2017 and 2019. This is why   if Sims 5 is going to be a console version, avoid gamers will certainly have a really good reason to celebrate.

It is expected that this new development is going to offer something new to the table since Sims 4 was not able to really deliver that. Even Lyndsay Pearson, the producer, has confirmed this on a tweet. While there have been no promos, signs, or trailers for the new game, it is somehow safe not to conclude anything until an official announcement is made, probably in 2019.



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