The Sims 5 Download

The Sims 5 Download – When ?

Even since the launch of Sims 4 in the market, fans have been waiting for the time when the Sims 5 download link would be available for their use and they would be able to take the next step in their favorite series. Sims 4 graced the market in 2014 and since the developers have maintained a gap of 5 years in all the versions of Sims since its launch in 2000, Sims 5 is expected to be released in 2019. While there might still be some time till the Sims 5 download will be available, fans continue to express their wishes as to what they hope would be a part of thie video game.

Expectations of the fans

Fans hope that there would be a change in the styling of the characters. Perhaps a change in hair color or hair style would not be a bad option, with options of styles such as braid, wavy, straight and bun added in the game.

The customizable facial expression would be a nice touch to the game as well. Changing the genetic attributes would give the characters a new look and give the players an opportunity to make them more beautiful. The option of changing eye color or skin tone can be made available as well. A better look at the characters can be given by customizing the skin and using animation.

Sims 5 Download image

Sims 5 Download image

The 3D option is one that proves to be impressive for the maintenance of the body of a character. Increasing the size of muscles or body strength using advanced options would add an interesting touch to the game. Players can then have fun changing the body such as the shape of the belly button among other things.

An option should be added for purchasing a model house that would comprise of more bedrooms so that more people could reside in it. Reconstruction of the floors to increase size is also something that fans wish to see.

Adding beautiful elements to the setting and environment of the house would also be a good idea. The 3D graphics mode can be used to add gardens, fences, and trees around the house.

Another wish that fans have for Sims 5 is that the parking facilities would be enlarged. This would ensure that the players are able to park their car with ease. Changing the size of the garage door should also be an option.

Modifying the stairs in the house is an option that should be given where the players have the option to select between L-shaped and U-shaped stairs. Adjustments can also be made to the basement.

How much of the wishes would transform into reality for the fans is something that only time can tell. All fans can do is hope that when the Sims 5 download is an option for them, they do not have to be disappointed with what they get and their love for the game does not get diminished. It remains to be seen what Sims 5 would bring for the fans.

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